What is Vocabulary Builder?

Vocabulary Builder is a unique and exciting e-book that can be used by teachers of English as a Foreign Language in the classroom. If you teach classes from beginner to pre-intermediate level, then this simple e-book can save you time and money from day one.

The lessons are ready-made, easy-to-use and come complete with printable vocabulary cards, activities and much more.

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What is Different about Vocabulary Builder?

Vocabulary Builder is an excellent resource for any beginner and pre-intermediate EFL classroom because students learn and really remember the vocabulary through engaging activities and visual cues.

Students practice natural and authentic English by learning collocations, as well as spellings of common vocabulary items. They practice essential reading and writing skills and the topics present opportunities for further discussion.

Vocabulary Builder ideal for both children and adults because custom-made graphics bring new words to life and unlike books, which need to be photocopied in black and white, these resources are printable in colour.

Students can complete activities in their own time and the level of difficulty can be adapted by completing tasks in a different order e.g. the spellings can be completed after the word search.

Why Do EFL Teachers Choose Vocabulary Builder?

  1. All teachers have to cover lessons at short notice and schedules change quickly. These printable resources are ready to use and require no prior preparation. It’s already done for you.
  2. All teachers must teach vocabulary to lower level learners. The vocabulary is suited to lower levels and teach essential common vocabulary items that are needed in formal exams.
  3. Often schools do not have adequate resources. It is a sad fact that a teacher is only as good as his or her resources and many schools do not provide the essential tools for the trade. You shouldn’t need to spend hours preparing for your lessons. With Vocabulary Builder you simply choose a unit, print it out and go.
  4. Each classroom has different needs. These ready-made resource sheets are ideal for mixed ability classes, children, adults and special needs classes.
  5. Vocabulary Builder represents tremendous value for money. There is no need to spend a small fortune on books that require black and white photocopies. Simply print your chosen units at home and in full colour as many times as you like. Your students will thank you for it.

Vocabulary Builder is an Essential Resource for EFL Teachers because:

Vocabulary Builder can be used for any English class from beginner to pre-intermediate and all ages
Vocabulary Builder is ideal for mixed ability classes because students complete
activities in their own time and in any order
Word linking of nouns, adjectives and verbs helps students to remember vocabulary items and build sentence structures e.g. ride a horse, write in a notebook, drive a car
Linking pictures and vocabulary helps students to remember vocabulary items
Review units reinforce and consolidate memory of vocabulary
Vocabulary Cards provide an interesting and fun way for students to practice vocabulary
Emphasis on spelling provides excellent practice for examinations

Vocabulary Builder is an Essential Resource for EFL Teachers because:

Each unit is easy to use and comes with answers
Professionally designed custom made pictures make meanings clear and memorable
The topics are relevant and interesting for students
Students see, feel and use these important vocabulary items everyday and they are likely to appear in all major examinations
Engaging activities, such as matching and word searches will keep your students motivated
Vocabulary Builder is printable in colour so you can use it whenever you please – perfect when you need a lesson but don’t have much time to prepare

What Does Each Unit Contain?

Each unit is a complete 40-minute lesson and contains these four activities:
Match the clue with the picture of the vocabulary
Spell the word
Insert the correct verb or noun to match the vocabulary item
Complete the word search
This four-step method is a simple and effective way to help students remember important vocabulary items. There are five review units which reinforce the vocabulary. The vocabulary cards present an
excellent opportunity for further extension work.

How Can I Get Vocabulary Builder?

The e-book is an automatic download. After you have completed the secure on-line form a link to the download will be sent to your email inbox. Click on this link to download your e-book. The payment and download process is 100% secure so there is absolutely no risk for you.
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About the Author

My name is Jamie Oliver (BSc. Hons., PGCE Eng., Adv. Dip. TESOL). I’m a qualified and experienced English Language Teacher and the author of Phrasal Verbs in Britain. I have taught English in high schools, primary schools, English language schools and training colleges across the world including Britain, Japan, Taiwan, UAE and Saudi Arabia i have taught all ages and nationalities of students.

As an English teacher with over 15 years’ experience, I know students like learning vocabulary and I understand the need for an easy to use and practical resource that contains ready-made and fun activities.

Vocabulary Builder is an important resource for any students who need to improve their spoken and written vocabulary. Just take a look at the testimonials and see for yourself.

Summary of Vocabulary Builder

This is what you get with each copy of Vocabulary Builder:
Over 60 pages of interesting and printable vocabulary activities plus answers
5 review units to reinforce essential vocabulary items
200 verb and noun combination sentences
Over 200 professional, custom-made graphic pictures
240 words to improve your spelling and 24 word searches
24 different topics including bathroom, parts of body, weather and seasons
240 printable templates for activity cards, ideal for classroom use
A lifetime supply of extremely useful and printable resources whenever you need them
To celebrate the launch of Vocabulary Builder, the first 150 customers can get Vocabulary Builder and the Vocabulary Cards for only $27. After the first 150 sets have been sold, the price must return to $37.